I finally beat a link between worlds and I’m so happy and so tired haha

so this kid that i went to high school and i’ve probably talked to him a few times during high school, he messaged me and was like “hi! i’m.. etc.” and i was like omg is this spam haha so i didn’t respond at first. and then he continues to message me and i’m like okay it’s not spam so we’re talking and stuff. and he’s like you inspired me when we were in high school, you inspired me to come out and be myself.

it makes me so so SOOO happy that i inspired people. during high school i was picked on a lot and i would try to have my chin up and try to help other people who were going through something similar. and it makes me SOOO incredibly happy that people listened to me, took what i was saying and believed in themselves.

i’m about to cry but seriously i’m so happy i can help people through my pain and suffering and all that STUPID bullshit i was going through i helped someone. i’m so happy omg crying

The Queen


I am wind and hurricane,
The stormy sky and rain,
When you run dry I’ll flood your pain.
Woah, woah.

Stormy night come inside me like never before,
Don’t forget me when I come crying to Heaven’s door.
I will fly on a challenger across the sky,
Like a phoenix so you can remind them of the dream I bore.